Bay Wheels

Unlocking with Clipper

You can use your Clipper card as a key to unlock any available bike at Bay Wheels docking stations in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and downtown San Jose.

Note: You must use the Bay Wheels app to unlock dockless Bay Wheels in North San Jose.

Linking with Bay Wheels

To sign up to become a Bay Wheels member, simply provide your Clipper card serial number (found on the back of your card). If you already are a Bay Wheels member, add your serial number by logging into your Bay Wheels account or with the Bay Wheels app. Learn how to link your Clipper card and your Bay Wheels account.Opens in new window

Your Clipper account can’t be used to pay for Bay Wheels. In fact, you don’t even need value on your Clipper card to use it with your Bay Wheels membership. To learn more about how it works, visit Bay Wheels.Opens in new window

  • If you ordered a Clipper card from Bay Wheels, you should still register it with Clipper. If you lose your card, we’ll send you a new one with your balanced restored, for a small fee. And you’ll have more options for managing your Clipper account.
  • If your Clipper card gets blocked for any reason, you can still use it to unlock Bay Wheels, as long as that account is in good standing.
  • If you need to replace your Clipper card for any reason, you’ll have to give Bay Wheels your new Clipper card serial number.

Clipper and Bay Wheels are two separate programs that are partnering to provide a convenience to customers of both services. For questions about your bike share account, contact Bay Wheels at 855.480.2453 or visit Bay Wheels on the web Opens in new window. For questions about your Clipper card account, contact Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.8883.