Transit Agency Tips

Yes, you will receive the 3-day grace period, but the date shown in Google Pay and Apple Wallet will be the last day of the month for which the pass is good.

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Yes, you must tag your Clipper card to the Clipper reader on a Muni vehicle or at a station fare gate every time you board. Your tag is your proof of payment.

Muni offers unlimited free transfers between 8:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. If you use cash value on Muni, you only need to tag once after 8:30 p.m. to have valid proof of payment until 5 a.m. Do not tag your card again within this late-night free transfer period, or you will be charged another fare. If you enter a Muni Metro station, show your card to a station agent at a Metro booth or, if unattended, enter the automatic gate next to the booth.

Shared BART/Muni stations (Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, and Civic Center) have Clipper readers located on poles adjacent to the elevator doors on the station concourse levels. Tag your card on the Clipper reader on the pole as proof of payment before taking the elevator to the Muni platform.

Here are some guidelines:

  • If you bought your pass at a Clipper retailer (such as Walgreens or Anchor Drugs Pharmacy), self-serve machine (such as VTA or Muni ticket machines) or staffed location, you don't need to tag your card at a station. The pass is already loaded and can be checked by a conductor.
  • If you ordered your pass online or through your transit benefit program, you can tag on and off at a single station within 15 minutes before your first ride of the month to load your pass and receive a full refund of the maximum cash value fare.
  • If you have set up automatic reloading of your pass, you must tag on and off at different stations within the zone combination you purchased during your first trip of the month, but no later than the 15th of the month. If you forget to tag off within 4 hours of tagging on, your pass will not load to your card and you will be charged the maximum fare from your origin station.
  • You also should tag on and tag off if you want to be eligible for discounted transfers to AC Transit, Dumbarton Express and Muni.

No, but customers who load a monthly pass on their Clipper card can purchase a monthly parking permit from any Caltrain ticket machine 2 days after purchasing their pass. For more information on obtaining and using a monthly parking permit, visit Caltrain.Opens in new window

You can add value to your Clipper card at the Clipper Customer Service Center at Bay Crossings in the San Francisco Ferry Building and at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal. In San Francisco, you also can add value at the nearby Golden Gate Ferry, BART and Muni ticket machines. You cannot add value to your Clipper card at the Alameda, Oakland, Pier 41 or South San Francisco ferry terminals. Find a sales location on the Sales and Service Map.

Cards with In Progress trips can be removed via

On your device, open Settings and tap your profile name at the top

  • Choose the device with your Clipper Card on it
  • Choose "Remove Items" under Wallet & Apple Pay (this will remove all cards)

While we encourage every rider to be responsible for their own card—and every user needs their own Clipper card to ride transit—there are ways to manage multiple cards on one device:

On iPhone

  • Riders can access multiple cards on one device through Apple Wallet
  • To access the different cards, riders will have to swipe through the cards within Apple Wallet and tag on (and off, if necessary) for each person

On Android

  • Riders can access multiple cards on one device through Google Wallet, but each card needs to be associated with a separate Gmail account
  • To access the different cards, riders will have to sign in and out of each Google account to tag on (and off, if necessary) with the card associated with the account