Paying for transitmade easy.

Use every day or once in a while.

We’ve got you covered on all Bay Area transit—bus, rail, ferry and train—with discounts, convenience and security. You can load cash value, passes or any combination on a single card for all your transit trips.

Tip: You’ll need to tag your card or phone on a Clipper reader when you board, and sometimes you’ll need to tag at the end of your ride. Check out this video of Clipper in action. Opens in new window

Get where you’re going for less.

Some transit services provide discounts on cash fares or special transfers. Others offer money-saving passes, only for Clipper card users.

Tip: Youth, seniors and riders with disabilities save even more with discount Clipper cards.

Load value your way.

You can load value on the go only when you need it or set up your card to reload automatically so you don’t have to think about it.

Register and rest easy.

You can register your card for free. If you ever lose your card, we’ll send you a new one with your balance restored, for a small fee. You can also get your history and manage your account online or in the Clipper app — anytime!

Tip: If you buy your card in person, it’s easy to register it online, and your card and balance are protected. If you buy an adult card online or in the Clipper app — or if you have a Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card — it’s automatically registered.

Get Clipper on your phone.

Prefer to pay fares with your phone? You can add a new or existing Clipper card directly to your phone, link it to a payment method, and use your mobile device to pay your fares. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.

Tip: Download the Clipper app for even more features. Manage your accounts, add value to your card, and plan your trips. The Clipper app works with all your Clipper cards—plastic or on your phone.
Get Clipper on your phone