Privacy Policy

The Clipper Privacy Policy is the primary document through which the Clipper program communicates our commitment to protect a customer's personally identifiable information (PII).

Clipper's Privacy Policy explains the types of PII that are collected by the Clipper program and also how PII, as well as aggregate data and anonymous data derived from PII, may be used. The policy states that MTC shares PII only with the following groups:

Participating transit agencies for the purpose of operating and managing Clipper; Persons or entities contracting with the Clipper program, solely for the purpose of operating and managing Clipper; and In order to comply with laws or legal processes served on MTC or Clipper Contractors.

Customer PII may only be used by MTC to perform necessary account management activities. Customers who wish to use Clipper anonymously may do so by not registering their cards. Anonymous data and aggregate data may be used by MTC for any MTC purpose, and MTC may make anonymous data and aggregate data available to third parties.

Access the full Clipper Privacy Policy.

The Clipper Privacy Policy specifies program data retention policies, but in general data is retained no longer than 4.5 years after a registered account is closed.

For the period from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, Clipper received one (1) subpoena requesting information. No records were available for this request. In addition, Clipper was served with seven (7) search warrants requesting information. Records responsive to the warrants were released in five (5) instances. No records were available for the other two (2) requests.

This information will be updated and posted on an annual basis.