How it works

Offering Clipper Direct to your employees is simple:

  • 1. First, enroll your company in Clipper Direct here.

  • 2. Once your account is activated, you can log in and add employees online.

  • 3. Clipper Direct will email your employees an invitation to set up an employee account. We can also provide you with materials to promote the program.

  • 4. Your employees set up individual accounts and place orders with Clipper Direct for specific transit passes, cash value or a combination of both.

What you should know

  • . Employees who already have a Clipper card can link their existing cards to their new Clipper Direct account. Employees without a Clipper card can request one with their first order.

  • . Employees must place their order by the 14th of the month in order to receive their transit benefit for the following month.

  • . Both employees and employers have until the cut-off date of the 14th to cancel or change orders online.

  • . Employees can also set up automatic monthly recurring orders or one-time orders.

Withholding limits

Employers have the option to offer pre-tax deductions or a combination of pre and post-tax deductions to employees.

Post-taxOver $300 (up to $400 )

If your company chooses not to allow post-tax deductions, employees can pay any remaining balance by credit card.Employers have the option to offer pre-tax or post-tax deductions to employees.

Invoicing and payment

After each monthly cutoff date, Clipper Direct will post an invoice and payroll deduction report to your employer's administrative account for processing. Payments can be made through an ACH banking transaction or a company credit card

Although the federal limit for pre-tax transit benefits is $300, employees can order whatever they need to commute to work. Any orders over $300 will display on the payroll deduction report as two deduction amounts: a pre-tax amount of $300 and a post-tax amount for the remainder, if the employer offers post-tax deductions.

For example, if an employee placed an order for a transit pass that costs $320, the payroll deduction report would show a pre-tax deduction of $300 and a post-tax deduction of $20.

Typical Monthly Order Timeline


To learn more about Clipper Direct or to request a proposal, contact a member of our sales team.

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