How it works

In order to receive a pre-tax transit benefit, your employer must be enrolled in Clipper Direct . To apply transit benefits to your Clipper card, funds must be deducted directly from your paycheck or subsidized by your employer. You can apply payroll deductions up to the current federal limit of $300 a month tax-free and additional taxable deductions at your employer's discretion.


You can place an order for specific transit passes, for a cash value to be used on a per-ride basis, or both. Once your employer is enrolled in Clipper Direct , we'll send you an email inviting you to set up your account. Once your account set-up is complete, you can place your first order. If you already have a Clipper card, you can link it to your Clipper Direct account. If you do not have a Clipper card, you will receive one with your first month's order.

You have until the 14th of each month to place, change or cancel orders for the following benefit month. Passes and/or cash value ordered will be automatically loaded onto your Clipper card by the first of the following month. Your monthly order will remain the same each month unless you log in and change it. If your commuting needs change from month to month, you can change your order as needed.