You can use a 31-day pass or cash value on a Clipper card. To determine the best value for you, visit Union City Transit for fare information.

Minimum Balance

If you are paying for your ride with cash value or a discounted transfer from AC Transit, BART or Dumbarton Express, you must have a minimum balance of 25 cents on your Clipper card. No minimum cash value balance is required if you are using a 31-day pass.

31-day Passes

A 31-day pass gives you unlimited rides on all Union City Transit routes for 31 consecutive days. You have the following options for 31-day Clipper passes:

  • Adult 31-day pass
  • Youth 31-day pass
  • Senior/Disabled 31-day pass

You can purchase a 31-day pass at any time. The pass will become active the first time you use it to pay your Union City Transit fare. Visit the FAQ for more information about managing your 31-day passes.


Clipper automatically grants one free transfer between Union City Transit routes. Clipper also grants one discounted transfer when you transfer from AC Transit, Dumbarton Express or BART to a Union City Transit bus.

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