Can I use my Clipper card on all Tri Delta Transit routes?

Yes. Clipper is accepted on all Tri Delta Transit routes.

How long is my transfer good?

Transfers are good for 120 minutes after boarding a bus. If you tag your second bus within the appropriate time frame, you will be granted your transfer. If you tag after that period, Clipper will deduct additional fare from your card.

Do I need to ask for a paper transfer?

Clipper automatically grants free or discounted transfers when transferring to another agency that accepts Clipper. If you are transferring to a transit service that does not accept Clipper, you should request a paper transfer.

I already use Clipper on BART, where I pay with High-Value Discount (HVD) tickets. Can I use my HVD value on Tri Delta Transit?

No, BART HVD tickets can only be used on BART. To use Clipper on Tri Delta Transit, you must have a valid 31-Day Pass or cash value on your card.

How does the Day Pass work?

A Day Pass gives you unlimited rides on local and express routes on a single day ($3.75 for adults and youth/$1.75 for senior and RTC customers). The Day Pass is a regional pass that is good on most Tri Delta Transit, County Connection, WestCAT and Wheels local and express routes. You get the Day Pass discount automatically. The actual amount you pay on local routes is credited toward earning a Day Pass. Free transfers and fares paid on WestCAT Lynx transbay service do not apply toward a Day Pass. Once you pay $3.75 in local fares in a day ($1.75 for senior and RTC customers) on any combination of the participating transit services, your rides will be free of charge for the rest of that day.

If I have a 31-Day Pass on my Clipper card, do I need to tag my card every time?

Yes. Whether you are paying your fare with cash value or a 31-Day Pass, you must tag your card to a Clipper card reader every time you board the bus.

If I add a new 31-Day Pass on my Clipper card before my current 31-Day Pass expires, when does the new 31-Day Pass become active?

It depends on how you add your pass. If you add a new 31-Day Pass in person while the previous pass is still active on your card, Clipper will simply extend the expiration date of your current pass by 31 days, with no gap in between. If you want a gap in between your old pass expiring and the new one becoming active, purchase your new pass only after the old one expires, and the new pass will be activated the first time you use it.

If you are signed up for Autoload or you order your pass online or by phone, Clipper will automatically load the new pass to your Clipper card the next time you tag your card after the original pass has expired. For example, if you have a 31-Day Pass that expires on May 12, the new pass will not become active until the first time the card is tagged AFTER May 12. If you do not tag your card again until May 21, the new pass will be activated with a start date of May 21 and an expiration date 31 days from the start date. This happens automatically, with no disruption in your ability to use Clipper


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