Clipper® and employee transit benefit programs

If you receive transit benefits through work, there are many ways to use those benefits to add value to your Clipper card.

Transit vouchers:
Transit vouchers can be used to load passes and/or cash value onto Clipper cards at:

  • Any participating Clipper retailer (a full list of retailers can be found here - please call ahead to confirm that the retailer accepts transit benefits from your provider)
  • Transit agency ticket offices
  • Clipper Customer Service Center kiosk in the Embarcadero BART/Muni station in San Francisco
  • Clipper Customer Service Center at Bay Crossings in the San Francisco Ferry Building

Commuter debit cards:
If your transit benefits provider offers a transit benefit debit card (a pre-paid debit card that acts like a credit card), you can use it to add value to your Clipper card:

  • At any transit agency ticket machine or Clipper Add Value Machine
  • Online
  • At a transit agency ticket office
  • At any Clipper Customer Service Center (at the kiosk in the Embarcadero BART/Muni station in San Francisco, at the Bay Crossings store in the San Francisco Ferry Building, and at AC Transit)
  • At MyTransitPlus locations (these charge a debit card fee)

You can also use your transit benefit debit card to set up Autoload on your Clipper card. However, you should set up a regular credit card as a backup payment card in your "My Clipper" account. That way, if your Clipper card needs reloading at a time when funds are not available on your transit benefit card, the entire order will be charged to your backup card. This ensures that you will always receive your transit order and that your Clipper card will not be blocked due to insufficient funds on your primary (transit benefit) card.

Please click here for more information on using your commuter card with Clipper.

Direct load:
Some transit benefits providers offer a direct load option - customers place their transit order online through the benefits provider's website and the order is loaded directly to their Clipper card when the customer tags their card to a Clipper card reader at the beginning of the benefit month. Some customers may be charged a monthly processing fee by their benefits administrator for this service. For more information about the fee, please click here.

Clipper DirectSM:
Clipper Direct is a transit benefit program offered exclusively by Clipper. Federal tax law allows employees participating in employer-sponsored transit benefit programs to use up to $130 a month in pre-tax dollars towards their commuting costs on transit. Clipper Direct makes it easy for employees to manage their transit benefits conveniently online and there is no fee to load benefits orders directly to Clipper cards. Visit Clipper Direct for more information.

To learn how Clipper works with your specific transit benefit program, please click on one of the links below. For information on how value is added to your Clipper card, please click here.

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