You can use cash value or a 31-day pass on a Clipper card to ride SMART. To determine the best value for you, visit SMART for fare information.

Minimum Balance

You must have a minimum balance of $3.50 on an adult card or $1.75 on a Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card if you are paying with cash value. No minimum is required if you are using a 31-day pass.

31-Day Passes

A 31-day pass gives you unlimited rides throughout the SMART system. You have the following options for 31-day Clipper passes:

  • Adult 31-Day Pass
  • Youth 31-Day Pass
  • Senior/Disabled 31-Day Pass

Daily Maximum

SMART has a daily maximum that means you get unlimited rides on a single day once you pay $23 in adult fares or $11.50 for youth, senior and disabled fares. Remember to tag on and tag off, so the conductor will know you have paid your fare and you can receive discounted transfers to other transit agencies.


Clipper automatically grants you a $1.50 discount ($0.75 for youth, senior and RTC customers) when you transfer from Golden Gate Transit bus and ferry routes, Marin Transit, Petaluma Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus or Sonoma County Transit to SMART. You must complete your trip within 4 hours, from your last tag on a bus to your tag off on SMART, for your transfer discount to be valid.

Clipper also grants you a free or discounted bus trip when you transfer from SMART to Golden Gate Transit, Marin Transit, Petaluma Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus or Sonoma County Transit.

Transfers from SMART to other services are valid as follows:

If you are transferring from SMART to:

Your transfer is valid for the following time period after tagging off on SMART:

Golden Gate Ferry

4 hours

Golden Gate Transit trips within one county

3 hours*

Golden Gate Transit trips through two or more counties

4 hours*

Marin Transit

3 hours

Petaluma Transit

2 hours

Santa Rosa CityBus

2 hours

Sonoma County Transit

3 hours*

*The amount of time you have to complete your trip from the time you tag off on SMART until you tag off on the bus

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