Can I use my Clipper card on all SF Bay Ferry routes?

Clipper is accepted on the following SF Bay Ferry routes:

  • South San Francisco/Alameda/Oakland
  • Alameda Main Street/Oakland/San Francisco
  • Alameda Harbor Bay/San Francisco
  • Mare Island/Vallejo/San Francisco

SF Bay Ferry does not accept Clipper on its AT&T Park route. Please visit SF Bay Ferry to find out how to purchase tickets for this route.

Do I get any discounts for using Clipper?

Yes. Adult riders receive a discount for paying with Clipper instead of cash on all routes except short hops. Passengers with a Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card receive the same 50 percent discount they do when paying with cash. Visit SF Bay Ferry for fare information.

Why do I need to "tag off" when I exit the ferry?

When you ride SF Bay Ferry, Clipper deducts the maximum fare when you tag on and then refunds any difference when you tag off as you exit the ferry. This means you must tag your card to the card reader upon boarding AND exiting the ferry to ensure you're only charged for the distance you travel and that Clipper applies any appropriate discounted fares and transfers.

Do I need a minimum balance on my card to ride SF Bay Ferry?

Yes. You must have a minimum balance of $5.10 on an adult card or $3.40 on a Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card.

If you do not have the minimum balance, the card reader will display a red light and beep three times, and you will need to purchase a paper ticket on the ferry to pay your fare.

To ensure that you always have the minimum balance on your card, consider setting up Autoload for your card. Learn more about Autoload.

Can I add value to my Clipper card at a ferry terminal?

You can add value to your Clipper card at the Clipper Customer Service Center at Bay Crossings in the San Francisco Ferry Building and at the Vallejo Ferry Terminal. In San Francisco, you also can add value at the nearby Golden Gate Ferry, BART and Muni ticket machines.

You cannot add value to your Clipper card at the Alameda, Oakland, Pier 41 or South San Francisco ferry terminals.

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