Where can I get a Clipper® card?

Clipper cards are available at the San Mateo County Transit District Administrative office in San Carlos weekdays between 8 am - 5 pm, all Walgreens locations, and several other retail outlets. For a list of vendors, click here.

Youth, senior and customers with disabilities must apply for a card. Youth and senior applications are available online, but applications must be submitted in person. For more information about applying for a youth, senior or disabled Clipper card, please visit our discounts page.

To add value to any type of Clipper card, you can go to clippercard.com, call Customer Service, or visit a self-serve machine or retail outlet.

Can all of the traditional SamTrans passes be purchased for the Clipper card, i.e. youth pass, eligible pass, adult pass, SF pass?

Yes, with one exception. All current SamTrans monthly passes are available to be loaded on the Clipper Card. However, a customer must have the appropriate card (adult, youth, senior, RTC) to be able to load the corresponding Monthly Pass. The one exception is the pro-rated pass - it is not available on Clipper.

Will Clipper give me the right discounted fare when I pay with cash?

Senior, youth and RTC customers have special Clipper cards. When you tag your card, the system recognizes the type of card and charges the appropriate discounted fare.

Does the Caltrain monthly pass still allow free travel on SamTrans?

Caltrain monthly passes (two zones or more) can be used as local fare credit on SamTrans.

Can I use my VTA pass as a fare credit on SamTrans?

Yes, customers who have a VTA monthly pass receive a local fare credit on SamTrans when you transfer within 2 hours of boarding VTA.

Can I purchase a pro-rated Monthly Pass for my Clipper card?

No. Pro-rated passes are not available with Clipper.

Do I need to tag my card every time I ride, even if I have a Monthly Pass?

Yes. Regardless of whether you use cash or a Monthly Pass, you must tag your card to a card reader every time you board. Your tag is your proof of payment.

I have a Local Pass, but need to take an Express route. How do I pay the difference?

The Local Monthly Pass gives you a local fare credit (currently $2). The additional fare required for the Express Route or out of San Francisco local routes must be paid with cash on your Clipper card. If you do not have enough cash on your Clipper card to pay the difference for the upgrade, your pass will not be accepted and you will need to pay full cash fare for the ride.

Can I use my Clipper card and cash to pay for my ride?

When using Clipper, you must pay your entire fare with the pass and/or cash on your Clipper card. You cannot pay a portion with cash and a portion with your Clipper card.

How do I pay for my ride to San Francisco on the KX with Clipper?

You will need to tag your card at the beginning of your ride, and tag again when you exit the bus in San Francisco. This ensures you are charged the correct fare for the ride.

Can I use my card to pay the fare of someone traveling with me?

Clipper cards are for individual use. Each rider 5 years of age or older must have his/her own card. The Clipper cards also have a feature that stops you from tagging more than once on the same bus within a 5-minute time frame. This feature was built in to protect you from accidentally tagging and being charged twice.

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