The Park with Clipper program was a pilot program and is being discontinued.

  • The North Beach Garage no longer accepts Clipper for parking payment.
  • Remaining garages (see below) will stop accepting Clipper for parking payment after August 31.

You may continue to use Clipper to pay for your parking at the remaining garages until the program is discontinued.

If you would like a refund of any parking value remaining on your card, call Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.8883. You will be able to continue using your Clipper card to pay for transit as long as you have cash value or a pass on your card.

Using Clipper for Parking

Pay for parking with your Clipper card! The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and Clipper are testing how Clipper can work for parking payment at four San Francisco garages. It's simple: Load your Clipper card with parking value. When you enter the garage, take a time-stamped parking ticket as normal. When you leave, bypass the pay stations and head right to your car! Insert your parking ticket at the exit gate and tag your Clipper card to pay.

You can use your Clipper card at these four participating San Francisco garages:

  • Japan Center Garage - 1610 Geary Boulevard (at Webster St.)
  • Performing Arts Garage - 360 Grove Street (at Gough St.)
  • Moscone Center Garage - 255 3rd Street (between Howard St. and Folsom St.)
  • Mission Bartlett Garage - 3255 21st Street (at Bartlett St.)

You can load any combination of transit passes, cash value and parking value on your card.

You can only use cash value to ride transit, and you can only use parking value for pay-as-you-go parking (but not monthly parking). Like cash value, parking value never expires.

Load parking value online at or by calling 877-878-8883, or set up Autoload and never run out. Autoload works a little differently for parking than for transit. Learn more here.

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