You can use a monthly pass, a Muni Passport and/or cash value on your card. Clipper automatically figures out the cost of your ride, including all discounts and transfers. See Fares and Passes for more information on the types of value available.

If you are paying for your ride with cash value, you must have a minimum balance of $1.50 on an adult Clipper card or $0.75 on a Senior, Youth or RTC Clipper card. No minimum cash value balance is required if you are using a monthly pass or Passport.

To use your Clipper card on most Muni services, locate a card reader on the vehicle or fare gate. Tag your card by holding it flat against the Clipper logo on the reader, and wait for the beep and green light. The card reader will verify your monthly pass or Passport, and display the expiration date. Or it will deduct the cash fare, and show your remaining balance and transfer time.

If your card balance is low, the reader will beep twice and display a yellow light. You can still board the vehicle, but you will need to add value to your card before your next trip. If you do not have enough value on your card, the reader will beep three times and display a red light. You must add value to your Clipper card before boarding the vehicle.

When boarding a cable car, simply hand your Clipper card to the conductor, who will use a handheld card reader to deduct the correct fare from your card or confirm that you have a valid pass.


Whether you are paying your fare with cash value or a monthly pass, you must tag your Clipper card to the card reader on a Muni vehicle or at a station fare gate every time you board. Your tag is your proof to operators and fare payment officers that you have either paid your fare or are within the free transfer period.


Clipper automatically calculates the 90-minute transfer period or inter-agency transfer discount, so you do not need a paper transfer.

Find additional information on how to use Clipper at How to use your Clipper card and Ways to Add Value. Clipper also works with a variety of transit benefits programs.

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