You can use a monthly pass, a Muni Passport or cash value on a Clipper card You can save money when you pay with Clipper instead of cash. Adult customers who use cash value on Clipper will save 50 cents on single-ride fares. Youth, seniors and riders with disabilities save 25 cents. Please visit Muni for detailed information about fares, including the Free Muni program.

Minimum Balance

You must have a minimum balance of $2 for adult Clipper cards and $1.25 for Youth, Senior and RTC Clipper cards if you are paying for your ride with cash value. No minimum cash value balance is required if you are using a Muni pass.

Monthly Pass

A monthly pass gives you unlimited rides on Muni. Monthly passes are available for purchase starting on the 17th day of the previous month through the 16th of the pass month (for example, you can purchase a July pass from June 17 through July 16).

You have two options for adult monthly passes:

  • The "A" Adult Fast Pass offers unlimited rides on all Muni vehicles and can also be used to ride BART within San Francisco.
  • The "M" Adult Monthly Pass is a Muni-only pass that is good for unlimited rides on all Muni vehicles and is not valid for use on BART.

Customers with a Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card can purchase a discounted monthly pass.

Muni Passports

Muni Passports give you unlimited rides on Muni, including cable cars, for one, three or seven consecutive days. Passports cost the same regardless of the type of card you are using.

Single-Ride Tickets

If you're just visiting the area, you can pay your fare with a limited-use ticket instead of a Clipper card. You can purchase adult, youth and senior/disabled tickets for one-way and round-trip denominations at Muni Metro stations. The tickets are only accepted on Muni buses, light-rail vehicles and historic streetcars. Use them by tagging them to a Clipper card reader or fare gate before boarding as proof of payment.


Clipper automatically calculates free transfers on Muni buses, light-rail vehicles and historic streetcars. When you tag your card, the card reader will confirm your valid transfer with a beep and green light and display the time your 2-hour transfer expires.

NOTE: Muni offers unlimited free transfers between 8:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. If you use cash value on Muni, you only need to tag once after 8:30 p.m. to have valid proof of payment until 5 a.m. Do not tag your card again within this late-night free transfer period, or you will be charged another fare. If you enter a Muni Metro station, station agents will use a handheld card reader to verify that you tagged after 8:30 p.m. If no station agent is present, enter the automatic gate next to the booth.

You can also receive free or discounted transfers when transferring from other transit services to Muni buses, light-rail vehicles and historic streetcars:

  • When you transfer from BART to Muni within an hour using your adult Clipper card, you will automatically receive a 50-cent discount.
  • Clipper customers (adult, senior, youth and RTC) are eligible for two free rides on the 14R, 28, 54 and 57 Muni routes when transferring from the Daly City BART station. You must take your first trip within 23 hours after exiting BART and the second trip within 24 hours after exiting BART to receive the free fares.
  • If you transfer to Muni within an hour of tagging off on Caltrain using cash value, an 8-ride Ticket or a Monthly Pass with a Zone 1 origin or destination, you will automatically receive a 50-cent discount off the Muni adult cash value fare. You must tag on and off Caltrain even if you have a monthly pass to receive the discount on Muni.
  • If you transfer to Muni within two hours of your last tag on AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, SamTrans or SF Bay Ferry, you will receive a 50-cent discount off the Muni adult cash value fare.


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