Can I use my Clipper card on all Muni services?

You can use Clipper on all Muni bus, historic streetcar, Muni Metro light-rail and cable car service.

If I have a monthly pass, do I need to tag my card?

Yes, you must tag your Clipper card to the card reader on a Muni vehicle or at a station fare gate every time you board. Your tag is your proof of payment.

Do I need to ask for a paper transfer when I board a Muni vehicle?

Clipper automatically calculates transfers on Muni, so you do not need a paper transfer. Instead, just tag your Clipper card each time you transfer. The card reader will confirm your valid transfer with a beep and green light and display the transfer time remaining along with your cash value balance or expiration date of your pass.

Transit fare inspectors do conduct random checks to ensure that Clipper customers have tagged their cards properly. The inspectors' handheld card readers only confirm your proper payment; they do not affect your card balance.

I use the elevator to enter the station platform. Where do I tag my card?

Shared BART/Muni stations (Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, and Civic Center) have Clipper card readers located on poles within the path of travel from the elevators to the platforms. Tag your card on the Clipper card reader on the pole as proof of payment when entering the Muni platform.

I see card readers on the back doors. Do I still have to board through the front?

SFMTA allows customers to board through the front and rear doors. Be sure to tag your card as proof of payment when you board.

How do I use Clipper on the cable cars?

Simply hand your Clipper card to the conductor. The conductor will use a handheld card reader to confirm that your card has a valid pass or Passport or, if it doesn't, to deduct the appropriate fare from your card's cash value balance.

What is Free Muni, and how can I apply for it?

Free Muni is a program that provides eligible low-to-moderate-income San Francisco residents free access to Muni when using a Clipper card. Visit SFMTA’s Free Muni to learn more.


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