How are fares calculated?

When riding Golden Gate Transit and Marin Transit buses, Clipper deducts the maximum fare from your starting zone and then refunds the difference when you tag your card to the card reader upon exiting. This means you must tag your card to the card reader upon entering AND exiting the bus to ensure you're only charged for the distance you travel and that Clipper applies any appropriate discounted fares and transfers.

What is the difference between a limited-use ticket and Clipper® card?

Limited-use tickets:

  • Can only be used on Golden Gate Ferry service
  • Can be purchased for adult, youth and senior/disabled fares at the ticket machines
  • Expire 90 days after purchase
  • Are only available for one-way and round trips

Clipper cards:

  • Only adult cards can be purchased at the ticket vending machines. You must apply for a youth or senior cards to receive applicable discounts on fares.
  • Cards and cash value never expire
  • Can be loaded and reloaded with passes for any participating transit agency (note that Golden Gate Transit does not offer passes on Clipper)
  • Can hold up to $300 cash value
  • Can be used on all transit services that accept Clipper

Do I need a minimum balance on my card to ride Golden Gate Ferry?

Yes. You must have a minimum cash value balance of $4.45 on your Clipper card to ride Golden Gate Ferry.If you do not have the minimum balance, when you tag the card reader it will display a red light and beep three times. You will need to add value to your Clipper card to pay your fare.Set up Autoload to ensure you always have the minimum balance on your card. Learn more about Autoload

If I get on the wrong bus and tag my card can the bus driver "un-tag" me?

No. Once the card has been tagged at the card reader, the bus operator cannot un-tag your card. You should ask the bus operator for a courtesy transfer.

How do transfers work?

If you are transferring within Marin Transit/Golden Gate Transit or to or from another transit agency that accepts Clipper, you do not need a paper transfer. Clipper keeps track of your rides and automatically grants you appropriate transfer discounts. If you tag your second bus within the appropriate time frame, you will be granted your transfer. If you tag after that period, an additional fare will be deducted from your card. Transfers between Golden Gate Transit and Marin Transit are allowed only to complete one-way trips.


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