Autoload is the fastest and easiest way to make sure you always have value on your Clipper card. Autoload allows you to pre-authorize a direct and secure transfer of funds from a credit card or bank account to your Clipper card in the form of a transit pass, cash value or parking value (currently available as a payment source at select San Francisco parking garages).

How it works

Sign Up

  • To sign up for Autoload, provide your Clipper card serial number (on the back of your card), contact information and payment source (credit card, transit benefit debit card or bank account) you would like to use to fund your recurring order.

    If you use your transit benefit debit card to set up Autoload, please set up a regular credit card as a backup payment card. That way, if your Clipper card needs reloading at a time when funds are not available on your transit benefit card, the entire order will be charged to your backup card. This ensures that you will always receive your transit order and that your Clipper card will not be blocked due to insufficient funds on your primary (transit benefit) card.

Add Value

  • You select the value you would like to add to your card. You can set up Autoload for any combination of cash value, transit passes or parking value.


  • Clipper will verify the credit card or bank account information. This can take up to five business days for a credit card or 10 business days if you use a bank account.


  • You activate your Autoload order by tagging your Clipper card to a card reader.

Roll On

  • Clipper will then automatically add value to your card:
    • Whenever your balance falls below $10 for cash value and below $40 for parking value,
    • Your transit pass or multi-ride ticket expires, or
    • You have only two rides remaining on a multi-ride ticket.


  • Click here to get started.


  • Answers to frequently asked questions about Autoload are available here to get started.


  • Add a backup credit card to your account. If payment is ever declined by your primary card or bank account, your entire order will be charged to your backup card. That way, you'll always receive your transit order, and your Clipper card will never be blocked due to insufficient funds.

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