Order a Clipper card online, and you should receive it within 7 business days of your order. If you add Autoload using a bank account, we will ship your card within 10 business days. Order a new card

Adult Clipper cards cost $3. Clipper waives this fee if you set up Autoload when you purchase your card online. Load any combination of transit passes, cash value and parking value onto your card.

Need a Clipper card right away? Get a Clipper card in person at many Walgreens, Whole Foods and other participating retailers. Find your closest retail location.

For information on how to obtain a Youth, Senior or Regional Transit Connection (RTC) discount card, visit Clipper Discounts.

Celebrate Bay Area transit with a commemorative Clipper card!

Bay Bridge East Span Clipper Card: For a limited time, Clipper is offering a card celebrating the new Bay Bridge East Span! You will get this special card whenever you order a Clipper card online while supplies last.

Golden Gate Bridge Clipper Card: Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with a special Clipper card available at the Golden Gate Customer Service Center in the San Rafael Transit Center or from the Golden Gate Bridge Online Store. Order yours today!

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