Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Clipper Card

The RTC Clipper card is a version of Clipper created for passengers under 65* with qualifying disabilities. All disabled customers who wish to receive transit discounts (monthly passes, ride books, tickets, cash value fares) must have an RTC Clipper card. The RTC Clipper card is a photo identification card. You must apply for an RTC Clipper card in person at a participating transit agency.

*If you are 65 or older and have a qualifying disability, you will not be issued a new or renewal RTC card. Instead, you should apply for a Senior Clipper card, which provides the same transit discounts and does not need to be renewed. You can find information about Senior Clipper cards here.

Transit riders can use the RTC Clipper card to pay their fares on any transit services that accept Clipper. Click here for a current list. Passengers who use transit agencies that do not yet accept Clipper can use the RTC Clipper card as proof of eligibility for reduced fares or a monthly pass or sticker designated to customers with disabilities.

When you receive your card, call Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.8883 to set up an online account. This also will enable Clipper Customer Service to answer questions about your account.

For more information about the RTC Discount card program, eligibility guidelines, application details and attendant discount cards, please visit

To learn more about the RTC card, download:

Your RTC Clipper Card (PDF)

Your RTC Clipper Card - Large Print (PDF)

Your RTC Clipper Card (Tagged) (PDF)