Using Clipper on Caltrain

You can use Clipper to pay for rides on Caltrain by adding a Monthly Pass or cash value to your card. See the Fares and passes page for more information on the types of value available.

You must always have $1.25 in cash value on your card, even if you are using a Monthly Pass to pay your fare.

Tag Your Card

  1. Find the Caltrain Clipper card reader at the station or platform.
  2. For assistance finding the reader with audio signals, listen for a low beeping sounding at 15-second intervals.
  3. Hold your card flat against the Clipper logo on the reader.
  4. Wait for the beep and green light.* Here is what the beep sounds like when you have tagged successfully:

*When you tag, if the balance on your card is $2 or less after the maximum fare is deducted, the reader will beep twice, and display a yellow light and a “low balance” message. You can board the train, but be sure to tag off at your destination and add value to your card. The reader will beep three times and display a red light if you have not paid a valid fare, and you will not be able to board with your Clipper card.

Tag Off

When you reach your destination, tag off by repeating the steps above.

When you tag off, you will hear a different beep than you did when you tagged on. Here is what the tag-off beep sounds like:

Find additional information on how to use Clipper and ways to add value. Clipper also works with a variety of transit benefits programs.

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