Using Clipper on BART

You can use cash value, a High Value Discount (HVD) ticket or—within San Francisco—a Muni "A" Adult Fast Pass to ride BART with your Clipper card. Clipper offers discounts for youths, seniors and disabled passengers with an appropriate discount card. You can also link your Clipper card to a parking account on BART for greater convenience.

To use Clipper on BART, find the card reader with the Clipper logo on the top of the fare gate or on the side of the accessible fare gate. Tag your card by holding it flat against the reader until the BART fare gate displays "OK" and opens. You'll need to tag your card again at the end of your trip. The display will show your remaining balance. Tag your card each time you enter and exit the fare gates. Even if the fare gate is open when you approach, make sure to tag your card.

If paying with cash value, you must have at least $2.10 on your card to enter BART ($1.05 for youth and 75 cents for senior and disabled riders). If your Clipper card does not have enough value on it to exit the station, you can add the cash value you need to exit at the BART Add Fare machines located inside the paid area. Add Fare machines accept cash only—no credit/debit cards—and provide up to $4.95 in change.

View the video below for a step-by-step explanation of using Clipper on BART.

Find additional information on how to use Clipper and ways to add value. Clipper also works with a variety of transit benefits programs.

Using Clipper on BART to OAK

You can use your Clipper card to pay your fare on the "BART to OAK" service.

  • To get to the airport, go up to Platform 3 at the Coliseum BART station, tag your Clipper card to a fare gate and proceed to the boarding area.
  • Returning from the airport, simply tag your card to a fare gate to exit Platform 3 at the Coliseum BART station. Catch a train to your final destination.

Clipper will deduct the BART to OAK fare from your cash value balance or High Value Discount ticket (if you have one on your card) whenever you enter or exit the BART to OAK boarding area. Visit BART for more information.

Using Clipper for BART Parking

Linking your Clipper card to an EZ Rider parking account is the most convenient way to pay for parking at BART. Visit the BART FAQs page for more information about parking.

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