Clipper is the easiest way to get a discount on your BART fare. Customers paying with any kind of paper ticket have to pay a surcharge (50 cents for adults, 25 cents for youth, and 19 cents for senior and disabled riders) on every trip. Clipper customers save money by avoiding the surcharge!

You can use cash value, a High Value Discount (HVD) ticket and—within San Francisco—a Muni "A" Adult Fast Pass to ride BART with your Clipper card. Passengers with a Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card are eligible for discounted fares. Learn more about fares and passes below.

For more information about BART fares, including discounts, visit the BART website.

Minimum Balance

You must have $2 in HVD ticket value or cash value on your Clipper card to enter the BART system—unless you are entering a San Francisco station with a Muni "A" Adult Fast Pass on your card. (Minimum cash value requirement is $1 for youth and 75 cents for senior and RTC customers.)

High Value Discount Ticket

You can get a 6.25% discount on BART rides ($45 for a $48 ticket or $60 for a $64 ticket) when you load BART HVD tickets on your adult Clipper card. HVD tickets are only valid for fare payment on BART.

HVD tickets can only be loaded to your card through Autoload and participating transit benefit programs. You cannot purchase HVD tickets at Clipper retailers or Customer Service Centers, transit agency ticket offices or ticket machines. The HVD balance on your Clipper card cannot exceed $250. For more information about BART HVD, visit the BART FAQ page.

Cash Value

Cash value on your Clipper card works just like cash and is deducted from your balance on a per-ride basis. You can use cash value on all agencies that accept Clipper.

Customers who are eligible for discounted fares can add any amount of cash value to their Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card. Clipper automatically calculates and deducts the discounted fare from the cash balance on an eligible card when you exit the BART system.

You can add cash value to Clipper cards at all BART ticket machines. BART ticket machines accept cash, credit cards and debit cards as payment. Some ticket machines give change (up to a maximum of $4.95).

If you enter the BART system but do not have enough fare on your Clipper card to exit, you will need to use a BART Add Fare machine to add enough cash value to exit. The Add Fare machines only accept cash (no credit or debit cards) and give up to $4.95 in change.

Please note: Cash value and BART HVD balances are separate. They cannot be combined to pay a fare (e.g., $2 of BART HVD and $1 of cash value). The full BART fare will be deducted from either BART HVD or cash value.

Muni "A" Adult Fast Pass

You can use a Muni "A" Adult Fast Pass on a Clipper card for trips on BART between the following stations in San Francisco:

  • Embarcadero
  • Montgomery
  • Powell
  • Civic Center
  • 16th Street/Mission
  • 24th Street/Mission
  • Glen Park
  • Balboa Park

For travel outside of these BART stations (from 24th Street/Mission to the Coliseum/Oakland Airport station, for example), Clipper will deduct the appropriate fare from your HVD ticket or cash value balance.


Clipper automatically calculates the cost of your ride, including discounted transfers to AC Transit, County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, Union City Transit, VTA, WestCAT and Wheels. Instead of getting a paper transfer from the transfer machine, simply tag your Clipper card to the card reader when boarding the vehicle or entering the station.

If you are transferring to a transit service that does not accept Clipper, you should get a paper transfer from the transfer machine.


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