Are there any BART discounts available with the Clipper card?

You can get a 6.25% discount on BART rides ($45 for a $48 ticket or $60 for a $64 ticket) when you load BART HVD tickets on your Clipper card.

Clipper also offers discounts for youths, seniors and customers with disabilities. Simply load cash value onto your Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card at any BART ticket machine, transit agency ticket office, or participating Walgreens, Whole Foods and other retailers (click here for a full list of retail locations). When you exit the BART system, Clipper automatically calculates and deducts the discounted fare from the cash balance on your card.

What's the difference between cash value and BART HVD tickets?

While cash value and BART HVD tickets operate in a similar way (an amount is loaded to your card, and fare is deducted from that balance each time you ride), there are significant differences between them:

Clipper Cash ValueBART HVD tickets
Can be used to pay fare on all transit systems that accept Clipper Can only be used to pay fares on BART
Choose the amount of cash value to add to your card Only available in denominations of $48 and $64
The full cash value amount you purchase will be loaded to your card Provides 6.25% discount on BART fare ($48 ticket for $45, $64 ticket for $60)
Available at ticket machines, Clipper retailers, transit ticket offices, online, by phone and through transit benefit programs Only available through Clipper Autoload and participating transit benefit programs

Can I use a BART ticket machine to add value to my Clipper card?

Yes, you can add cash value to Clipper cards at all BART ticket machines. BART ticket machines accept cash, credit cards and debit cards as payment. BART Add Fare machines only accept cash.

Can I use a transit benefit debit card (e.g., WageWorks Commuter card) to add value to my Clipper card?

Yes. Use your transit benefit debit card to load cash value at BART ticket machines (remember to select "credit"), a Clipper Customer Service Center, transit agency ticket offices, online or by phone.

You can use your transit benefit debit card to set up Autoload for automatic reloading of HVD tickets, but Clipper recommends you set up a regular credit card as a backup payment card in your account. If funds are not available on your transit benefit card, Clipper will charge your backup card—you will get your order, and your HVD ticket will not be blocked due to insufficient funds.

I want to use pre-tax vouchers to pay for my BART High Value Discount (HVD) ticket. Can I use vouchers when I sign up online to add the HVD ticket to my card?

HVD tickets are only available through Autoload and participating transit benefit programs. You can use a transit benefit debit card to set up Autoload (although we recommend a personal credit card as a back-up), but you cannot use pre-tax vouchers. Learn more about using Clipper with your transit benefits.

What will happen if I don't have enough funds on my HVD ticket to pay my fare?

If your HVD balance is too low to pay your fare, Clipper will deduct the entire fare from your card's cash value balance. The two balances are separate and cannot be combined for fare payment (e.g., $2 from BART HVD balance and $1 from cash value to pay a $3 fare). Clipper will continue to deduct fares from your cash value balance unless your HVD balance is sufficient or your card has a valid pass.

What will happen if I don't have enough cash value on my card to pay my fare?

If you entered the BART system, but you do not have enough cash value loaded on your card to pay for your trip, you can add the cash value you need to exit at the BART Add Fare machines located inside the paid area. Add Fare machines accept cash only—no credit/debit cards—and provide up to $4.95 in change.

I have HVD or a Muni pass on my card. Why isn't my card working on BART?

You must have a cash value balance of $0 or above on your card to enter BART, even if you have a valid HVD ticket. If your card has a negative balance, simply add cash value at a BART ticket machine or Clipper retailer.

Can I use Clipper to pay for parking at BART lots?

Yes, you can link your Clipper card to a BART EZ Rider parking account. Visit the BART Parking page to link your Clipper card to your existing EZ Rider parking account or sign up for a new account. During the signup, you'll be asked for your Clipper card serial number, which is located on the back of your card. Enter the number and complete the form. You'll need to provide your credit card information because the parking charges go through the EZ Rider parking program.

Once you receive your parking hang tag in the mail (in approximately two to three business days), follow the instructions to activate your account. Your parking account should be ready to use the next business day.

Do I actually pay for parking out of the value on my Clipper card?

No. You need to set up an EZ Rider account and link your Clipper card serial number to it. The parking charges are paid with a credit card that you connect to your parking account. BART charges your credit card a set amount for your parking account, and when the balance remaining falls below a certain threshold, the full amount is recharged to your credit card to replenish your parking account. Each time you park, you'll tag your Clipper card at the BART parking validation machine, and BART will deduct the parking payment from your parking account. Visit the BART Parking page for more information.

Can I pay for BART to OAK with Clipper?

Yes, you can use your Clipper card to pay your fare on the BART to OAK service using either cash value or a High Value Discount (HVD) ticket.

How do I use Clipper on BART to OAK?

Take BART to the Coliseum station. Instead of exiting the station at the regular fare gates, take the escalator, stairs or elevator to Platform 3. Tag your card to a fare gate, and proceed to the BART to OAK boarding area. Returning from the airport, simply tag your card to a fare gate to exit Platform 3 at the Coliseum BART station. Catch a train to your final destination.

Clipper will deduct your fare from your cash value balance or High Value Discount ticket (if you have one on your card) whenever you enter or exit the BART to OAK boarding area.

Visit BART for more information.

What if I don't have enough value on my card to ride BART to OAK?

At the start of your trip, use a BART ticket machine to add enough value to cover your round-trip fare to the airport. Fares are posted on the ticket machine, or you can figure out your fare using BART's online calculator.

If you get to the Coliseum station and find you do not have enough value on your card, walk to the south end of the station, and take the escalator, stairs or elevator to get to Platform 3 and use the Add Fare machine to add enough to complete your entire trip.

If you are leaving the airport, you can ride BART to OAK to the Coliseum BART station and then add value at a ticket machine on Platform 3. Check the fares posted on the ticket machine and add the fare you need to travel to another station.

Autoload is the best way to ensure you always have enough value on your card. Learn more.

Visit BART for more information on taking BART to OAK.


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