Are there any BART discounts available with the Clipper card?

You can get a 6.25% discount on BART rides ($45 for a $48 ticket or $60 for a $64 ticket) when you load BART HVD tickets on an adult Clipper card. Customers with a Youth, Senior or RTC Clipper card can load cash value and automatically receive the right discount. Clipper customers also save money by avoiding BART’s surcharge on paper tickets (50 cents for adults, 25 cents for youth, and 19 cents for seniors and disabled riders).

What's the difference between cash value and BART HVD tickets?

You can use cash value on all transit systems that accept Clipper. Add cash value at ticket machines, retailers, transit agency ticket offices, Clipper Customer Service Centers or online, by phone or through your transit benefit program.

BART HVD tickets are only available in $48 and $64 denominations (at a 6.25% discount off the cash value price) and can only be used on BART. You can only get HVD tickets by setting up Autoload or purchasing them through your transit benefit program.

Can I use a BART ticket machine to add value to my Clipper card?

Yes, you can add cash value to Clipper cards at all BART ticket machines. BART ticket machines accept cash, credit cards and debit cards as payment. BART Add Fare machines only accept cash.

I want to use pre-tax vouchers to pay for my BART High Value Discount (HVD) ticket. Can I use vouchers when I sign up online to add the HVD ticket to my card?

HVD tickets are only available through Autoload and participating transit benefit programs. You can use a transit benefit debit card to set up Autoload (although we recommend a personal credit card as a back-up), but you cannot use pre-tax vouchers. Learn more about using Clipper with your transit benefits.

What if I don’t have enough value on my card to complete my trip?

Add the cash value you need at a BART Add Fare machine. Add Fare machines accept cash only—no credit/debit cards—and provide up to $4.95 in change.

If your HVD balance is too low to pay your fare, Clipper will deduct the entire fare from the cash value balance on your card. The two balances are separate and cannot be combined for fare payment (e.g., $2 from BART HVD balance and $1 from cash value to pay a $3 fare).

I have HVD or a Muni pass on my card. Why isn't my card working on BART?

You must have a cash value balance of $0 or above on your card to enter BART, even if you have a valid HVD ticket. If your card has a negative balance, simply add cash value at a BART ticket machine or Clipper retailer.

Can I use Clipper for parking at a BART station?

You cannot pay for BART parking with value on your Clipper card, but you can set up an EZ Rider parking account and link it to your Clipper card. BART charges the credit card that you provide a set amount. Each time you park and tag your Clipper card at the parking validation machine, BART will deduct the parking payment from your parking account. Visit the BART Parking page for more information.


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