Using Clipper on AC Transit

No matter what you normally use to pay your fare, you can store it on your Clipper card – whether it's an Adult 31 – Day pass (local or transbay), a Day Pass, a Youth 31 – Day discounted pass, a Senior/Disabled monthly pass, cash value or a combination of pass and cash value. Clipper will automatically apply any appropriate discounts or transfers when you tag your card.

When you board an AC Transit bus, the card reader will either be attached to the pole on your left as you board or near the fare box. Tag your card by placing it flat against the Clipper logo on the card reader and holding until you hear the beep and see the green light. The card reader will show that a pass has been found or that cash has been deducted. It also will show the balance remaining or expiration date of your pass.

If you are traveling locally on a transbay bus, let the bus operator know before you tag your card so that the card reader can be switched to the local fare, ensuring you're charged correctly.

Download the Clipper on AC Transit guide.

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