Can I use my Clipper card and cash to pay for my ride?

When using Clipper, you must pay your entire fare with the pass and/or cash on your Clipper card. You cannot pay a portion with cash and a portion with your Clipper card.

Do I get a discount for using Clipper on AC Transit?

Yes! AC Transit gives adult riders a 10–cent discount on each cash value trip – youth, senior and disabled riders get a 5–cent discount.

I take a local bus and then catch a transbay bus to San Francisco (and vice versa). How does Clipper charge me?

When you tag on the local bus, Clipper deducts $2 from your card. If you board a transbay bus within 2 hours of your local bus tag, you will pay an additional $2.20. If you are travelling on the transbay bus first, you will be $4.20 for your ride. When you board the local bus within 2 hours of your transbay tag, no additional fare will be deducted. Either way, you are charged $4.20 for your entire one–way trip.

What happens if the Clipper card reader says I don't have enough money on my card for my ride?

If your fare exceeds your available cash balance, you can complete your trip, as long as you have at least $0.01 on your card. You will need to add value before you can use your card again. Your new card balance will automatically be reduced by the amount you owe.

If your card has no cash on it whatsoever, or if your 31-Day pass has expired, your Clipper card will be rejected and you'll have to pay your fare in cash. Setting up Autoload ensures that you don't ever run short on fares!

How does the Day Pass work?

A Day Pass gives you unlimited rides on local routes on a single day ($5 for adult/$2.50 for youth, senior and disabled). Cash customers have to choose to buy a paper Day Pass from the driver before their first trip, or each trip they take will cost the full fare. But Clipper customers have total flexibility: You get the Day Pass discount automatically, only if you need it. Once you pay $5 in local fares in a day ($2.50 for youth, senior and disabled riders), you won't be charged any more and you'll still get unlimited local rides the rest of the day.

Does the BART–to–Bus transfer work with Clipper?

Yes. You automatically save 50 cents when you transfer from BART to AC Transit using your Clipper card. Transfers must occur within 90 minutes. Tag your card to the card reader to receive your discounted fare, which also applies toward a Day Pass. Fare discounts do not apply to 31 – Day or monthly pass customers.

I only have a local pass on my card, but I'm going to San Francisco today. How do I upgrade?

In order to use your local 31-Day pass or Senior/Disabled monthly pass for transbay service, you will need to have cash value on your card to cover the upgrade to the transbay fare.. When you have cash value on your Clipper card in addition to a local 31-Day or Senior/Disabled monthly pass, the difference between a local and transbay fare will be automatically deducted from your cash balance when you tag your Clipper card. If you only have a local 31-Day or Senior/Disabled pass on your card and no cash value, you cannot use your Clipper card on a transbay bus. You will not be able to deposit cash in the farebox to cover the upgrade. Instead, you will have to pay the full transbay fare in cash.

If you have a monthly pass loaded on your RTC card, be sure to also have sufficient cash value on your card to cover the $1 upgrade to the transbay fare. The upgrade fare will be automatically deducted when you tag your RTC Clipper card. You will not be able to deposit cash in the farebox to cover the $1 upgrade. If you have only cash on your card, the full $2.00 fare will be deducted.

If I add a new 31-Day Transbay or local pass on my Clipper card before my current 31-Day pass expires, when does the new 31-Day pass become active?

If you add a new 31-Day pass in person, either through a retailer, Add Value Machine or ticket office, while the previous pass is still live on your Clipper card, the system will simply extend the expiration date of the current pass by 31 days. There will be no gap in between the dates of the existing and new pass. If you prefer there to be a gap in between the dates of your old pass expiring and the new one becoming active, make sure you purchase your new pass only after the old one expires. Then, the new pass will be activated when first used.

If you are signed up for Autoload or order your pass through the website or over the phone, Clipper will automatically load the new pass to your Clipper card the next time you tag your card after the original pass has expired. Keep in mind that your new pass will activate at the time you next tag your card. For example, if you have an AC Transit 31-day pass that expires on May 12th, the new pass will not become active until the first time the card is tagged AFTER May 12th. If you do not tag your card again until May 21st, the new pass will be activated with a start date of May 21st and an expiration date 31 days from the start date. This happens automatically, with no disruption in your ability to use Clipper.

What's different about using my RTC card as a Clipper card, rather than as a flash pass?

In the past, the traditional RTC card functioned only as a "flash pass" with a sticker that you had to purchase every month and show the bus driver to board the bus. You can still use your RTC Clipper card in this way - as long as you have the sticker to show - but when you use the card as a Clipper card, you load your pass onto the card electronically instead of putting a sticker on it. (Note: When you start using your card as a Clipper card, you must remove all traces of the monthly sticker.)

Can the Senior/Disabled monthly sticker be affixed to a Senior Clipper card?

No. The monthly sticker cannot be placed on a Senior Clipper card. You'll need to have the pass electronically loaded onto your card where Clipper value is sold. Click here to find out more information about adding a monthly pass to a Clipper card.

Can the bus operator tell me the value that is on my card?

Bus operators are not able to tell you the value on your card or when value was last added. In the event of a problem using Clipper, you will have to pay your fare with cash and then contact the Clipper Customer Service Center to get the problem resolved.

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