On June 16th, TransLink gets a fresh new look and becomes Clipper. Clipper will work exactly the same way that TransLink did, and customers who wish to continue using their TransLink cards can do so. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the change.

Why is it called Clipper?

Named for the clipper ships, whose speed and cargo capacity transformed transportation to Gold Rush San Francisco from everywhere in the world. The clipper ships knocked 110 days off their predecessor's record time sailing from New York to San Francisco, around Cape Horn.

What is the difference between TransLink and Clipper?

The card still works in the exact same way! Simply touch your card to the card reader to verify your pass, or deduct the fare from your cash balance. The only difference is that the gold chip that is seen on the TransLink card is now an internal chip in the Clipper card.

Do I have to get a Clipper card or can I still use my TransLink card?

You can still use your TransLink card, even after the change to Clipper. There will be no difference in the way you use your card to pay your fare, add value to the card, etc.

I have a card with my name and/or photo on it. Do I need to re-apply for a Clipper card?

Customers with personalized cards (cards that have names or photos printed on them, or require proof of age in order to acquire) will continue to use their TransLink cards until the card expires or needs to be replaced

At that time, you will provide the appropriate proof of identity and be issued a Clipper card. Until that time, there will be no change in the way you use your TransLink card.

Why was the name being changed?

Now that the system is fully operational on five transit agencies - Muni, BART, AC Transit, Caltrain and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry - it is available to the majority of Bay Area transit riders.

Giving the system a new name and logo helps make it more appealing to potential customers and also takes away any confusion with other local programs such as FasTrak, Fast Pass, as well as several other transportation programs around the world that are also named TransLink.

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