Where can I add value to my Clipper card?

You can add value in several ways. Value added in person is available instantly, while it may take up to 3-5 days for value added online or over the phone to be available.

  • Online at clippercard.com - available within 3-5 days
  • Automatically - by setting up Autoload online at clippercard.com
  • Over the phone - by calling 877.878.8883 - available within 3-5 days
  • In person - at participating retailers, participating transit agencies' ticket vending machines and ticket offices, Clipper Customer Service Centers, and Clipper Add Value Machines (click here for locations) - available immediately
  • At work - through your employee transit benefit program- if ordered online, available by the first day of the benefit month

To learn more about VTA's new ticket vending machines, click here.

I transferred to another light rail vehicle and saw that I was charged again, even though it had only been a half-hour. Don't I have two hours to ride?

Yes, VTA light rail customers are allowed 2 hours to complete their trips. However, tagging your Clipper card to a reader again during that 2-hour period will charge an additional fare. Please note that your trip must be completed within that two hour window. If the 2-hour period expires and your trip is not completed, you are subject to citation.

How can I tell when the 2-hour period for my light rail trip expires?

You will need to note what time you tagged your Clipper card at the beginning your trip. Tagging your Clipper card to a reader will deduct another fare from your cash balance. Unlike the Single Ride tickets which have the time printed on them, you will have to keep track of the 2-hour period.

What about the Ecopass?

The Ecopass is not yet available on Clipper.

I transfer to VTA from another transit system. Do I still get my transfer discounts?

All transfer agreements between VTA and other Clipper-participating agencies will be automatically granted when you tag your Clipper card to a reader. If you are transferring from VTA to a transit system that does not accept Clipper for fare payment, we recommend you continue using the current paper pass.

I have a Monthly Pass, but sometimes need to ride an Express route. Can I use my Clipper card?

You can upgrade on an Express route by paying the fare difference with Clipper Cash on your Clipper card. When you tag your card, your Monthly Pass will be recognized and the cash fare needed to make up the difference will automatically be deducted from your card's Clipper Cash balance. If you do not have enough Clipper Cash to pay the upgrade, you will need to pay the full Express fare in cash.

What happens if the Clipper card reader says I don't have enough cash on my card for my ride?

If your fare exceeds your available cash balance, you can complete your trip as long as you have at least $0.01 on your card. You will need to add value before you can use your card again-your new card balance will automatically be reduced by the amount you owe. If your card has no cash on it, or if your monthly pass has expired, your Clipper card will not be accepted and you will have to pay your fare in cash.

Do I need to tag my card if I have a monthly pass?

Whether you are paying your fare with cash or a monthly pass, you must tag your card to a card reader every time you board*. Your tag is your proof of payment.

*Customers travelling on light rail vehicles during the 2-hour period do not need to tag their card after the first tag.