IMPORTANT: New minimum cash balance requirements

Starting December 14, you must have the following minimum cash value balance on your Clipper card to ride SF Bay Ferry:

  • Adult and youth cards: $1.50
  • Senior and disabled cards: $0.75

Using Clipper on San Francisco Bay Ferry

Beginning October 1, 2012 Clipper will be accepted on the following San Francisco Bay Ferry routes:

  • South San Francisco/Alameda/Oakland
  • Alameda Main Street/Oakland/San Francisco
  • Alameda Harbor Bay/San Francisco

The service will expand to include other ferry routes in the future.

Before using Clipper on the San Francisco Bay Ferry, you must make sure your card has enough value. You can use cash value on your Clipper card to ride the ferry. Currently you cannot add value to your Clipper card at the South San Francisco, Oakland, or Alameda ferry terminals. You can purchase a Clipper card or load value:

  • Online at
  • In person at a participating Clipper retailer, such as Walgreens and at a Golden Gate Ferry ticket vending machines (TVM) at the San Francisco ferry terminal or at transit ticket offices
  • By phone at 877.878.8883 (TDD/TTY 711 or 800.735.2929)
  • At work through your employee transit benefit program

To learn where and how to add value to your Clipper card, click here

How to Use Your Clipper Card

When boarding the ferry, make sure you Tag On.

  1. Locate the Clipper card reader at the ferry terminal.
  2. Tag your card by holding it to the Clipper logo on the reader.
  3. Wait for the beep, look for the green light and continue to board.

When leaving the ferry, make sure you Tag Off.

You must tag off at your destination station by holding your card to the Clipper logo on the card reader. When you tag off, the system calculates your actual fare based on the route(s) traveled and refunds you the difference. Tagging off at the end of your trip ensures that you are not overcharged for your trip.