What is the difference between a limited-use ticket and Clipper® card?

Limited-use tickets:

  • Can be purchased for adult, youth and senior fares at the ticket vending machines
  • Expire 90 days after purchase
  • Are only available for one-way and round-trips
  • Can only be used on Golden Gate ferry service

Clipper cards:

  • Only adult cards can be purchased at the ticket vending machines. Youth and senior cards (which provide the appropriate discounted fares) must be applied for
  • Cards and cash value loaded onto them never expire
  • Can be loaded and reloaded with passes and ridebooks for any participating transit agency and up to $300 cash value
  • Can also be used on Muni, BART, AC Transit, VTA, SamTrans, Caltrain and Golden Gate Transit buses

Do I need a minimum balance on my card to ride Golden Gate Ferry?

Yes. You must have a minimum cash value balance of $3.45 on your Clipper card to ride Golden Gate Ferry.

If you do not have the minimum balance, when you tag the card reader it will display a red light and beep three times. You will need to add value to your Clipper card to pay your fare.

To ensure that you always have the minimum balance on your card, you may want to add Autoload to your account. Learn more about Autoload.

Can I use my card or ticket to pay the fare of someone traveling with me?

Clipper cards and tickets are for individual use. Each rider 6 years of age or older must have his/her own card or ticket. Clipper cards also have a feature that stops you from tagging more than once on the same bus within a 1-minute time frame and the same ferry terminal within 20 minutes. This feature was built in to protect you from accidentally tagging and being charged twice.

If I get on the wrong bus and tag my card can the bus driver "un-tag" me?

No. Once the card has been tagged at the card reader, the bus operator cannot un-tag you. You should ask the bus operator for a courtesy transfer.

How can I tell if my transfer has expired?

A transfer is good for 3 hours (intracounty) and 4 hours (intercounty) from the time you tag your card on the first bus. Clipper keeps track of your rides. If you tag your second bus within the appropriate timeframe, you will be granted your transfer. If you tag after that period, an additional fare will be deducted from your card. Unlike the current paper transfer which has an expiration time printed on it, you will have to keep track of your transfer time period.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If you lost your card, you can call Golden Gate Lost and Found (Bus: 415.257.4476, Ferry: 415.925.5565) to see if it has been turned in. To retrieve your card, you will need to have your name written on the back or be able to provide the serial number on the back of the card. Unclaimed cards will be returned to the Clipper Customer Service Center. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged and you need a replacement, please contact Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.8883.