AC Transit's adult, youth, senior and disabled riders can pay their fares with Clipper. Fares can be paid with cash value, a 31-Day pass (local and transbay) or, for senior and RTC cardholders, a monthly discounted pass. For a complete list of fares and pass prices, please visit

If you have a 31-Day local pass or a Senior/Disabled monthly pass and would like to take a transbay trip, you will need to have cash on your card to pay the difference between the local and transbay fare. The Clipper system will automatically calculate the fare difference and deduct it from the cash value on your Clipper card. Please see the FAQ for more information about using your Clipper card for a transbay trip.

If you wish to add value to your Clipper card at the AC Transit & Clipper Customer Service Center, it is located at 1600 Franklin Street in downtown Oakland. The AC Transit & Clipper Customer Service Center offers self-serve Add Value Machines. For a map showing the location of the ticket offices and all other locations, click here. You can store up to $300 in cash and three 31-Day passes on your Clipper card at one time.


Clipper automatically calculates the appropriate transfer fare between AC Transit buses and between AC Transit and BART. Cardholders can transfer to AC Transit Local service from BART within 1.5 hours of exiting the BART system and receive a $0.25 discount on the AC Transit cash fare. Customers also receive a second $0.25 discount on an AC Transit cash fare within 72 hours of exiting the BART system. (This policy mirrors the two-part paper transfer system.)

Important notes regarding BART-AC Transit transfers:

  • If cardholders take two AC Transit Local buses after exiting the BART system, the $0.25 discount (as noted above) is applied to the first and the AC Transit bus-to-bus transfer fare of $0.25 is applied to the second (if it is taken within 120 minutes of the first AC Transit Local bus ride).
  • If cardholders take a BART trip in between two AC Transit trips, the AC Transit bus-to-bus transfer fare of $0.25 is applied to the second as long as the two trips begin within 2.0 hours of each other, and as long as the first trip is not the second trip under the 72-hour discount transfer policy above. (If you are accustomed to taking AC Transit at both ends of a BART trip, you may want to calculate whether using Clipper or the two-part paper transfer still available in BART stations is more advantageous for you.)


To purchase youth AC Transit passes, you must have a Youth Clipper card. For information about getting a youth card, please click here.

For seniors and persons with disabilities:

Starting October 22, 2012, AC Transit's Senior/Disabled monthly pass will be available for most seniors on the Senior Clipper card. Seniors will no longer be required to have a Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount card in order to enjoy the discounts of AC Transit's Senior/Disabled monthly pass. For information about getting a senior card, please click here.

Note: You can load an AC Transit pass onto your Senior Clipper card on clippercard.comand at all Clipper locations except Muni and Golden Gate Ferry vending machines. For more information about your options for adding value to your Clipper card, click here.

Disabled passengers with a Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Clipper Card can use the Clipper features of their card to pay their fares on AC Transit.

Eligible passengers with disabilities requiring a photo identification are invited to apply for an RTC Clipper Card to receive discounted fares on AC Transit and other Bay Area transit agencies. Passengers can obtain an application by calling AC Transit at 510.891.4706 (TDD 510.428.2266) and submitting the application in person (1600 Franklin Street, Oakland). The fee for a new card is $3.